Monday, May 26, 2008

Here Is My Home, Malaysia / 2008

Few weeks back, I was told Mark was spending the whole day at KLPac shooting a Pete Teo video with a million other people. His passion for football meant he had spent the day talking to Shelby Singh while Awie, Afdlin, Reshmonu, Jaclyn Victor, Ning, Sharifah Amani, Atilia, Yuhang, Tony Fernandez, Tom, Dick and Harry mingled.

Apparently, Pete Teo wrote 'Here Is My Home' for
Malaysian Artistes For Unity, which is an independent, non-profit multi-artistes song and video to promote racial unity in Malaysia. It also ran on RM0 (that's a nice ring in any producer's ear!!!).

I quite like the concept and video, especially when Pang dances whorishly and Mark attempts to 'dance'. Hahaha.

Read about them here. Watch it here. Join them here. Oh and support them by embedding the video on your site/blog.

Listening to: Here Is My Home by Malaysian Artistes For Unity

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