Thursday, November 27, 2008

Leura / November 2008

Before I head off for an early weekend in Singapore, I thought I might share this with you: After fixing my IKEA shelves, I watched the latest Fairly Current Show episode. It's where Fahmi interviews Lorna on the Malaysian indie film movement. While watching it, I realized that almost all of my bosses have been on the Fairly Current Show!


Although Zahim's technically my first boss, I worked pretty close with Lorna on Dramalab's Otak Tak Centre (2004). While Zahim was barely at the office, Lorna was constantly giving me things to do.
Once we got done with Otak Tak Centre, I continued working for Lorna on a few film related projects. I thank her for the days when we listened to The Strokes, Iwan Fals and Pedro Almodovar's Talk To Her Soundtrack as loud as the computer speakers allowed us to :)


The Fairly Current Show hasn't done an interview with my second boss - producer and publicist Lennard - but I'll just mention him anyway.


In 2006, I assisted Five Arts in producing Second Link - a theatre show that featured Malaysian and Singaporean performers performing the two countries' literature. I didn't (and still don't) have formal training in managing/producing a production but Marion sorta saw beyond that. "Eh you want to help produce show?" Marion asked over some drinks at her place. I said, "sure!" konon-konon tau how to do it. But I did it anyway. This was only possible under her guidance and supervision. It wasn't easy working with a superbly super executive... there were times when Marion was breathing down my neck, looking at the things I was doing, waiting for me to screw something up and then shout "what the fuck!" at me. But she never did lah. She shouted at Adrian (production manager) instead. Hehe. Although there were times when I felt like I was walking on egg shells, I'm proud to be trained by the Datin.


Current big kahuna. No need to say anything about him because I'd like to keep my job :D

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Meks, UOX Play / November 2008

Have you heard of The Meks?

Read a write up of the band by singer songwriter Reza Salleh here and join the fan club here.

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