Saturday, June 21, 2008

Harbour Bridge, Sydney / June 2008

Auf wiedersehen, Sydney!


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surry Hills, Sydney / June 2008

Desssright. That's me celebrating my 25th. This was last night. Desssright. A birthday 2 months in advance. Moroccan style ;)

The birthday thing was accidental. Some people present at MY table thought it would be funny to say it was MY birthday... in hope of a belly dancer showing up and singing 'happy birthday' to me.


Safe to say there wasn't any belly dancing (or even worse: the owner doing it for me) but there was some damn good (free) sticky date pudding.

My farewell dinner went pretty well and the food was really good. I enjoyed the company, the lamb couscous and the owner throwing rose petals at us.

Thank you, you good f'llers for making some time for me! I heart you big time.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bronte-Bondi cliff walk / May 2008

Just a normal sight here in Sydney. It's just the beach, you know? No need to jump and down.

Haha. Cilaka, eksyen.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Paramatta Road, Sydney / June 2008

I'm officially done with uni!!

What my Facebook status will be like for the next couple of days:

Myra and Ibrahim Ferrer are hanging out.
Myra has gone shopping.
Myra is doing a Wim Wenders dvd marathon.
Myra is bored.
Myra has gone to the Opera House to watch Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea.
Myra is at the Museum of Australia, looking for cavemen and dinosaurs.
Myra will be having a farewell dinner with some kawan-kawan.
Myra wonders when she's going to start packing.
Myra doesn't have enough space. Crap.
Myra is cleaning the room.
Myra will miss you, you, you and you.
Myra is thinking, "this is it".
Myra is on her way home.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sydney / June 2008

Completed my travel piece for a 40% assessment. Celebrated by playing Ben Harper at full volume while grilling lamb in my pajamas. I've never felt so Philly... so Southern before. Hahaha.

I do deserve to watch Wisit Sasanatieng's movie later and a slice of Hungarian cheese cake di kedai kopi belakang rumah.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breakfast at Elaine & Philip's, Mont Kiara / January 2008

Nothing beats the feeling of getting up early, taking the bus into the city and catching a movie at 10am.

[Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Tokyo Sonata was good, in that dysfunctional Japanese family story sorta way. Not as moving (and fucked up) as Hirokazu Koreeda's Nobody Knows but I do appreciate Japanese subtle sense of humor (refer to Koki Mitani's Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald). Anyway, it was a full house and Kiyoshi was there to introduce his film]

I liked being in the State Theatre. When I stepped in, I was awestruck by the
Italian, Gothic and Art deco design. It is, by far, my favorite place in the city.

Now back to finishing work before I get to watch Wisit Sasanatieng's The Unseeable tomorrow evening :D

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leura, Blue Mountains, Sydney / June 2008

Happy Father's Day, Baba, Kamal & Hau-Tek!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur / May 2007

Haven't been sleeping well. Too much to do, too little time to do it. Less snoozing time brings out the best in me (read: cranky, grouchy ALL the time).

Think of: Parents, the two tots, Fahmi, Lulu, home cooked food, own bed, some friends, cable-tv, One Utama, familiar faces, ketam masak telur masin, kangkung belacan and cabonara. And tempe.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lulu / February 2008

Happy to say the Bronte-Bondi walk was great. Stunning views of the cliffs and the ocean. We started in Bronte and as we passed Tamarama Park, we saw whales! Four whales!! Just out and about, splashing in the water on a sunny day.

Apparently the 4 humpback whales (from Antartica) spent a couple of hours in the harbour before moving out to Bondi, where we were.

What a way to spend the last day of Autumn.

ps. Congratulations Husni! I'll join the Masters club in 2 weeks lagi :D

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