Monday, January 26, 2009

The Annexe Gallery @ Central Market / December 2008

What happens when a furniture manufacturer ventures on to make shoes? You'd get these:

Kartell makes pretty cool chairs and lamps. It was only a matter of time they put their brains to making shoes. Although the Glue Cinderella line looks like Melissa shoes, they come in more colours and and and and they have this:

The shoes will only be available after it makes the runway somewhere some time this January... at the cost of 90Euros a pair. Heh.

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Waffles / December 2008

This is in response to Sab's list:

Things to do:

1. *Elaine & Philip's Chinese New Year open house - 12PM, 26 Jan
2. Work - from Wednesday to a day after forever
3. Complete articles - til 5 Feb
4. Fool around the office - til 30 Jan
5. Get Fahmi from KL Sentral - 8PM, 30 Jan
6. Barbecue at Fahmi's - 8.30PM, 30 Jan

7. **Big boss' CNY open house - 12.30PM, 31 Jan
8. Fahmi's 28th birthday - 00.00AM, 4 Feb
9. ***Leave for Krabi - 12PM, 6 Feb

My list, as you can see, doesn't match up to her list
of wonderful things she's going to do in Sydney over summer break... I thought I'd try anyway. Hehe.

*ang pao available
**ang pao in your dreams
***IF I finish all my work

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obviously not a polaroid of a pedophile /London / January 2009

Have you seen Hard Candy? Released in 2005, the sleeper hit features Ellen Page (Juno), Patrick Wilson (he plays Night Owl II in Watchmen) and a cameo appearance by Grey Anatomy's snappy, bitchy doc, Sandra Oh. It tells the story of a 32-year old photographer Jeff whom Hayley, a smart and matured 14-year old girl who he met online, suspects to be a pedophile. They meet at a diner and go back to his house. This is where their meeting turns into an unexpected series of events.

I'm not that great at reviewing things but let me say this... that 104 mins of runtime filled with spectacular acting. The two actors, Page and Wilson, were practically the only two people with lines in the movie. I'm not a big fan of psychological drama but the intensity througout the movie kept my mind boggling. It was quite a remarkable movie despite so many disturbing bits (in one particular bit, I believe men will fill it the most HA HA). I also love the camera angles and the choice of strong/subdued colors that were used to intensify emotions. Apart from that, it's the sort of movie that leaves everything at the end open to discussion. Why did Hayley do what she did? What happened to them at the end of the movie? Should I have felt sorry for Jeff?

Go watch and tell me about it.

Happy Chinese New Year, hoy!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Operasi Oktober / Galeri Petronas / November 2008

Strangely, I've been invited to two baby showers next week and because of that I had to go buy gifts last night. I've never gone baby-present-hunting in my life (with the exception of buying stuff for my nephew and niece) so I was in for quite a 'treat' at these baby stores. Now, if you must know, there are six to seven of these stores at the Curve, ranging from cheapo looking stuff to some expensive fancy shit. Now, if you don't already know, baby infant things can't get anymore plain than the desert: predominantly white things like receiving blanket (I bought some without knowing what it's for), rompers (baby suits), bedding, socks, etc. Of course there are bottles, bath tubs and... I don't know... other baby stuff.

Anyway, being the person who knows nothing about baby showers, gift, pregnancy and all that jazz, I gawked at these things at the shop. Every now and then you could hear, "what? Mahalnya!" from one corner of the shop. To make matters even worse, Nadine finds me in one of the shops and says, "WTF!"

Baby shopping has got to be one of those things they teach you in school. While I don't subscribe to assigning a specific color to a specific gender, we should be taught what to look out for when out buying baby stuff and how to avoid daylight robbery. I can't imagine anything more embarassing than turning up at a baby shower event with breast pads (or breast milk pouches) for the pregnant friend. Or coughing up $ for some plastic tupperware that shouldn't cost more than RM50. Everyone should have this basic knowledge. Seriously.

So when I cut out breast pads, maternity bra and breast pump from my list (some people are not built the same way - what you think is funny can just be offensive to them and I don't want to be in that position at a baby shower filled with happy, shinny wives and moms), I settled for things that are practical: a drying rack for bottles and a set of receiving blankets (aka swadling blankets - what you wrap babies with). For both items, I paid RM130. Sigh.

I'm not sighing at people having babies. I just don't understand why it's expensive.

So please... if you're planning on getting pregnant anytime soon and want me at the baby shower, please let me know in your first trimester so that I can save some $ to buy you that fancy twin electronic breast pump from Mothercare.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Musical instrument series / SiCKL / December 2008


What a fucking joke.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Musical instruments series / SiCKL / December 2008
I've got shit load of articles to write but I feel like I should blog so I'm going to cop out by doing an Internet meme today.

Tagged by Jebon + Husni.

Do you think you're hot?

I'll try to keep a straight face when I say this: No.

Upload your favourite picture of you!

Why do you like that picture?
It was taken on a sunny lazy Saturday morning. I like it because:
Husni said, "fuisheh... killer look"

Mark (who's in the picture) said, "11am is not too early to start pouting..."

When was the last time you ate pizza?
Two weekends ago. At home. The Dominoes guy was funny... "Miss Myra ah, before you order ah, let me wishyew Happy New Year!"

The last song you listened to?
Ara Batur by Sigur Ros. It goes on for nine minutes and ends with a full orchestra playing its heart out.

What are you doing now besides this?
Changing the windows every time big kahuna or big boss walks anywhere near my table.

What name would you prefer besides yours?
Apple Pinapple Mahyuddin and A P B Mohamed. If I were a boy, then Jakob, Oskar, Franky or Joni.

People to tag
Are We There Yet?

Who is number 1?
Walking kaki, shopping kaki, kopi kaki, photography kaki, Pepper Lunch kaki, gossip kaki, makan kaki, SingStar kaki, etc.

Number 3 is having a relationship with?
Aha! I saw that coming... so I rigged the list of people to tag. Nomor 3 is in a relationship with nomor 1.

Say something about number 5?
Old uncle.

How about number 4?
Scrapbooking freak and mother to a silly 2-year old monkey.

Who is number two?
Good friend from high school. We go back a long way. We used to have so many things in common but now we're world's apart: she's married with a baby boy on the way.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Musical instrument series / SiCKL / December 2008

Here are some of the things/events I said goodbye to in 2008:

- Being a noob at the first proper office job
- A day trip to Sarang Murai just to be with good company while eating some good food. Swimming in a pond, tripping over tree roots at jungle softball and Taboo were all the good things we did at Five Arts' family day
- Everything Sydney... from friends and uni to Coles and SingStar. That includes sandboarding in Port Stephens with Indonesian friends, Fara's surprise visit, meeting Keanu Reeves on George Street, looking at whales from a cliff in Bondi, watching Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Tokyo Sonata at State Theatre at 10AM, endless bus rides/walking up and down Sydney
- Living on my own (I do miss it)

- Graduating for the second time
- Quest to find a job but never heard from them
- Angkor Wat

Got more lah but this is standing in the way of me getting a massage in Bangsar. So I lazy.


Happy 09! Here's to another year filled with more wealth, better health and all that lah.

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