Monday, December 29, 2008

Musical instrument series/ SiCKL / December 2008

When you try too hard to spend some of your money (malls=shopping), you'll end up coming home with a RM15 plastic water bottle from Isetan.


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whirling Dervishes / Cappadocia, Turkey / June 2005

Couldn't find a better photograph to show you how I'm feeling today... or how I've been feeling since mid October. From hosting events and manning booths to writing and traveling, it's been ride. While I'm happy to be doing so much in 2.5 months, I'm extremely tired... and it's more tiring thinking of the madness that will continue till February or so. Our February issue, for instance, punya deadline is in ten days time and we're not even done with January issue. So thanks, Chinese New Year!

The new office has become a second home, thanks to work and Guitar Hero. Hehe. But having said that, it's not like we've been slaving and/or pretend to be rockstars and staying late all this time. I think some like the quiet time, some stay on till it's time to go for events and some shamelessly start working at 7pm.


Did anyone catch White Shoes & The Couples Company at Rooftop Sg. Wang last night? Charming sextet from Indonesia. Last night they shared the stage with another Indo band - The S.I.G.I.T. - at our event. Suka sama WSCC lah. They're nice folks to talk to. Listen to their music here.

[Their manager, Indra, visited the Junk booth to say hello and give us a copy of WSCC's album! We got it autographed :D]

In case I don't update before the end of 2008, hope you've had a good 2008. Here's to better things to come in 2009.


Listening to: Aksi Kucing by White Shoes & The Couples Company