Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Penang / December 2006

I was in Penang last week for work.The last time I was there was at the end of 2006 for a backpacking trip that led us to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Dao. For the entire 30 hours I was there, I thought of the 6.30am ferry ride from Butterworth to George Town, food at the Chinese hawkers' stalls, Edelweiss Cafe for drinks, stopping by 'ais tingkap' after rummaging baskets of books at Chowrasta, the josstick-maker uncle, yellow 'Milan' buses, Rio Hotel's breakfast, Balik Pulau's nutmegs and animated silver-smith uncle and temples and rumah kayu and beautiful colonial buildings.

And and and.

But this time around those sights and sounds were replaced with the flat, grey landscape of Bayan Lepas... the main industrial hub of Penang, home to the Free Trade Zone and 1 million factories. Crazily hot, humid, hazy and on the other side of the island.

Now I've got 2 tips for you if you ever find yourself stuck in Bayan Lepas:
  • When in Penang, forget long pants. Skinny jeans, as I found out, aren't made for Penang weather
  • When the thought of battling traffic to join civilization in Georgetown is not so appealing, seek refuge at Queensbay Mall. The largest mall up North will cool you down when you're shopping at Gap, Forever 21 and MNG
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Karen Nunis, KL Sing Song 2008 / July 2008

A conversation with a former boss:

birbiru: job hunting where?

myra: i've applied with shell, petronas, pixel, ddb and starcom mediavest
birbiru: pixel??
birbiru: pixel what?
myra: pixel integrated media lah. i saw a job posting today
birbiru: u want to do sales?? u will hate working in pixel


birbiru: u r an artist
myra: an artist??! oh lordy, i'm no artist


birbiru: u can't do sales, the ppl will drive u nuts :)


birbiru: if u r interested in some part time work we have some. u interested?
myra: ok
birbiru: let me see


birbiru: why didnt u come to us earlier? not your first choice eh?
myra: ...
birbiru: pixel comes first?????
birbiru: bad myra


I start work next week.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Urbanscapes / June 2008

A recent blog entry elsewhere has revealed my first clubbing experience! Aiyerrr...

Thanks, kawan.

According to her cerita, dunno if it's reliable or not, it was in 2002. That must have been my first year in uni. I was only 19. I had made friends with all sorts of people that year including some kaki clubbers. At that time (this is a clear indication of age) Orange was the place lah... the club du jour before the establishment of Novo, Zouk, Heritage Row and most recently Ministry of Sound.

Anyway, some people just get it right the first time around lah... you know, like first day of school was great, first date was memorable, first day at work was a Kodak moment? My 'first clubbing experience' just had to be the opposite lah.

Eyewitness' accounts of the event :

On attire:
"Seorangnya berambut leper belah tengah, dan dua orang lagi berpakaian lengkap seperti mahu ke pasar malam Seksyen 18."

masa tu dia pakai spek mata steve urkel versi perempuan."

On social skills:
"jln pegang tgn sama-sama"

On looking/acting cool:
"Minuman pilihan malam itu : Orange juice sebab kononnya cool minum orange juice di kelab Orange. Faham? Orange di Orange."

Needless to say, it was quite a sight lah but I vaguely remember that phase and I don't really want to remember it. It wasn't so much about the company or the late nights. I was never interested, you see, but I still went because my friends went (it was much later that I identified this as a form of peer pressure).

Years later, despite a bigger circle of friends, events and really nice clubs (The Argyle, The Ivy, Art House in downtown Sydney), I still have very little interest in clubbing. I've even earned a title: the designated handbag holder. Haha.

I don't know lah.

Clubbing to me is like how you'd ask a botanist to look at a microchip, you know?

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sydney /June 2008

A typical Thursday night in Sydney:

Bad TV except for Big Brother's Daily Show from 7 - 8 pm. At some point in the night, Cheaters, a cheap reality tv show with detectives exposing cheating spouses and partners, comes on. This is how it usually goes...

Host: Alex, we've got something to show you.
Alex: Okay.

[shows video]

Host: Is that your wife?
Alex: Oh dear Lord, it is. Oh Lord... [shakes head]
Host: Okay, our team knows where they are right now. Are you ready to confront them?
Alex: Yes.

[arrives at the scene. there's confusion with all the lights and camera. the husband (Alex) confronts the wife as she's about to get into her car]

Alex: How could you do this?
Wife: I don't know what you're talking about.
Alex: We're married. Oh Lord...
Wife: I don't know what you're talking about.

[cut to Host who is chasing after the wife's lover. in this case, it's h
er boss]

Host: Did you know she's married and she has kids?
Boss: No comment.

[Boss escapes by foot]

[cut to husband and wife]

Alex: How could you do this to your kids?
Wife: I don't know what you're talking about.

[wife shuts her car door and leaves]

A (not so) typical Thursday night in the Klang Valley:

Catching The Dark Knight and loving it. Christian Bale, sans the Batman suit and very husky voice, is superbly hot. Heath Ledger's performance as Joker was fucking brilliant. He goes "hee hee haa haa ho ho... why so serious?". I'll watch it again. Oh did anyone follow The Dark Knight's viral marketing strategies? See one out of many here.

Visiting Yuhang's set for his upcoming movie 'At The End of Daybreak', featuring an upcoming Hong Kong actor Chui Tien You. He was last seen in Patrick Tam's award-winning
movie 'This After Our Exile'. I've not seen the movie but I've been told that Tien You plays an older version of Aaron Kwok's son. So... in not so many words, Tien You looks like Aaron Kwok lah. Since I don't have a picture of Tien You, I'll use one of Aaron Kwok's pictures and you'll use your imagination:

Aaron Kwok

Tien You looks exactly like that. And because of his pretty boy face, I'll place him alongside Lee Hom, Rain, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Aaron Kwok in one of two categories I have for my secret obsession with Chinese male stars.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sydney / April 2008

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 2008

Communication in Professional Context A:

This is just a fancier title for Grammar & Report Writing. Despite having Honours in English, I hated the subject. Dr. Jan Shaw kedekut markah. Heikal, Desmond and I spent many hours wondering (and spacing out in class) why we had to do an English paper for the semester.

News Writing:

A mark away from Distinction! It's okay lah considering I fabricated the interviews (konon-konon I spoke to City Council rep, Chamber of Commerce, World Youth Day rep and Lord Mayor Clover Moore) for the first hard news article.

PR Management and Conflict Resolution:

Dr. Suwichit Chaidaroon is the shiznit.

Making Magazines:

2 marks away from High Distinction, Megan!! I designed the entire magazine, Megan!! Sampai nak buta, Megan!! Other than temporary blindness, the unit was very interesting and helpful. Now Husni and I can start a goss magazine ;)

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Sydney / April 2008

This post comes out of waiting for the Wimbledon Men's Singles Finals to resume. The pissing rain has stopped Nadal's ass-whopping momentum. For some reason, centre court has no roof. So leceh lidat.

In my many hours spent online, I came across an article related to tennis: Rafael Nadal playing through the grueling match without calling a time-out to free himself from wedgies. Yes, even professional tennis players have wedgies. Nadal, in particular, has to "dig deep" after almost every point. Nike may be responsible for both Nadal and Federer's outfits but it's pretty clear that one has had a bum deal.

[Nadal bontot besar! Nadal bontot besar!]


Hey, do you remember those round wooden tennis racquets? Circa John McEnroe lah. I think we used to have one, which was a substitute for badminton racquet. It might have been a squash racquet. I don't know lah. Most racquets were of similar shape and size... Almost multi-purpose lidat.


Rafa defeated Federer 6-4, 6-4, 7-6, 7-6, 9-7 in a game that took 4 hours and 48 minutes to complete. Rafa did miss 2 championship points in the fourth set but he fought back to steal Federer's 5-year reign at the All England Club. I loved it lah... such a great match.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Urbanscapes / June 2008

So I've been home for nearly 2 weeks and I've done a lot of things (please beg to differ here, people who have seen me in pjs after 3pm) except write. Dulu I was writing because I had to keep the momentum for all those articles for sekolah but now that I'm finally done with uni... I'm reluctant lah.

Staying at home can't be that interesting... going to the pasar malam can't be that interesting (but I did get laughed at for refusing plastic bags)... watching Chungking Express for the hundredth time can't be that interesting (but I must say the sight of Tony Leung in white singlet and briefs often leaves me essouffler).

So how?

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