Monday, January 26, 2009

The Annexe Gallery @ Central Market / December 2008

What happens when a furniture manufacturer ventures on to make shoes? You'd get these:

Kartell makes pretty cool chairs and lamps. It was only a matter of time they put their brains to making shoes. Although the Glue Cinderella line looks like Melissa shoes, they come in more colours and and and and they have this:

The shoes will only be available after it makes the runway somewhere some time this January... at the cost of 90Euros a pair. Heh.

Listening to: Sigur Ros


Gaathumb! said...

i like zaha hadid's design for melissa. so alien like.

nais said...

Yars, was wondering if it actually looks nice on kaki or not. his design for adidas (or lacoste can't remember)quite cantik

Gaathumb! said...

probably won't look as nice under jeans. sigh.

i have to note that the word verification says boofilus. hahaha.