Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obviously not a polaroid of a pedophile /London / January 2009

Have you seen Hard Candy? Released in 2005, the sleeper hit features Ellen Page (Juno), Patrick Wilson (he plays Night Owl II in Watchmen) and a cameo appearance by Grey Anatomy's snappy, bitchy doc, Sandra Oh. It tells the story of a 32-year old photographer Jeff whom Hayley, a smart and matured 14-year old girl who he met online, suspects to be a pedophile. They meet at a diner and go back to his house. This is where their meeting turns into an unexpected series of events.

I'm not that great at reviewing things but let me say this... that 104 mins of runtime filled with spectacular acting. The two actors, Page and Wilson, were practically the only two people with lines in the movie. I'm not a big fan of psychological drama but the intensity througout the movie kept my mind boggling. It was quite a remarkable movie despite so many disturbing bits (in one particular bit, I believe men will fill it the most HA HA). I also love the camera angles and the choice of strong/subdued colors that were used to intensify emotions. Apart from that, it's the sort of movie that leaves everything at the end open to discussion. Why did Hayley do what she did? What happened to them at the end of the movie? Should I have felt sorry for Jeff?

Go watch and tell me about it.

Happy Chinese New Year, hoy!

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