Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Operasi Oktober / Galeri Petronas / November 2008

Strangely, I've been invited to two baby showers next week and because of that I had to go buy gifts last night. I've never gone baby-present-hunting in my life (with the exception of buying stuff for my nephew and niece) so I was in for quite a 'treat' at these baby stores. Now, if you must know, there are six to seven of these stores at the Curve, ranging from cheapo looking stuff to some expensive fancy shit. Now, if you don't already know, baby infant things can't get anymore plain than the desert: predominantly white things like receiving blanket (I bought some without knowing what it's for), rompers (baby suits), bedding, socks, etc. Of course there are bottles, bath tubs and... I don't know... other baby stuff.

Anyway, being the person who knows nothing about baby showers, gift, pregnancy and all that jazz, I gawked at these things at the shop. Every now and then you could hear, "what? Mahalnya!" from one corner of the shop. To make matters even worse, Nadine finds me in one of the shops and says, "WTF!"

Baby shopping has got to be one of those things they teach you in school. While I don't subscribe to assigning a specific color to a specific gender, we should be taught what to look out for when out buying baby stuff and how to avoid daylight robbery. I can't imagine anything more embarassing than turning up at a baby shower event with breast pads (or breast milk pouches) for the pregnant friend. Or coughing up $ for some plastic tupperware that shouldn't cost more than RM50. Everyone should have this basic knowledge. Seriously.

So when I cut out breast pads, maternity bra and breast pump from my list (some people are not built the same way - what you think is funny can just be offensive to them and I don't want to be in that position at a baby shower filled with happy, shinny wives and moms), I settled for things that are practical: a drying rack for bottles and a set of receiving blankets (aka swadling blankets - what you wrap babies with). For both items, I paid RM130. Sigh.

I'm not sighing at people having babies. I just don't understand why it's expensive.

So please... if you're planning on getting pregnant anytime soon and want me at the baby shower, please let me know in your first trimester so that I can save some $ to buy you that fancy twin electronic breast pump from Mothercare.

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Gaathumb! said...

When and if I get preggers you may buy me a an electronic breast pump or splurge on a mclaren stroller for my tot. Ok? Tenks.

Maihafizah said...

beli sling. cheapest around rm60 la still. :P

nais said...

Sab: Mclaren stoller? I was thinking of getting you the Chanel one :P

Mai: Slings are cool but some people are particular about how to handles babies... the same way I think some people are particular about the brand of the milk bottles.

Gaathumb! said...

Oh! Okay. Mclaren for boy so he can vroom vroom. Chanel for girl (or maybe Nablets girl might me more appropriate).

No need buy RM60 sling. Kain batik lepas is still the best! Adjustable size summore and can double up as your own skirt in times of need :P